The Crew

Matt Sturko

When not hunting, scouting or preparing for the next season Matt can be found either behind a camera or editing footage on a computer. Besides having success as a hunter himself Matt loves being a part of the chase. Along side a hunter with Camera in hand is the next best thing to harvesting an animal for himself. It is Matt's dedication to capturing memories on film that allows us to share and relive "The FEVER" with others.

mark Sturko

Is it better to be lucky than good? How about a little of both. Mark has harvested a number of exceptional trophy animals, in particular, whitetail. With an uncanny ability to find himself in the most opportune situations Mark has often been the envy of other hunters. Truthfully it is Marks commitment to getting the work done that has brought him his success. As they say... the harder you work the luckier you will get. A loving husband and father of two beautiful children Mark is extremely passionate about all aspects of the hunt. From setting trail cameras, to finding sheds when it comes to the outdoors Mark lives for what we call "The FEVER".

Brice Folden

One of Canada’s more highly recognized outdoor personalities, Brice Folden alias “ Mr. Classic” is known for his passion for the great outdoors!
With an education in Environmental Sciences and lifetime of experience as an outdoorsman and Professional Hunting and Fishing Guide, Brice lends insight in his episodes about the importance of Conservation, Education and the key role hunters play in ensuring healthy and sustainable wildlife populations around the world.
His enthusiasm is contagious and his “extreme” personality combined with his knack for humour ensures both an entertaining and educational experience for all viewers, making “Mr. Classic” a popular Show Host.
During his 5 years in television on Wild TV, Brice starred in numerous commercials representing a variety of well-known manufacturers and was a Host within two of Canada’s most highly rated hunting shows.
His extensive knowledge base, credibility and familiarity with a broad array of outdoor manufacturers product lines enabled him to become “ the trusted face” and Product Knowledge Expert for numerous companies while hosting Product Knowledge Segments promoting and endorsing their products.
Born and raised in northern Saskatchewan, Brice lives for the thrill of hunting and he is truly in his element in the great outdoors pursuing big game with either a rifle or a bow.
Having successfully harvested over 50 Species globally, including several record book qualifying animals, Brice’s quest for adventure has led him on numerous global excursions from the majestic scenery of New Zealand, to pursuing dangerous game in Africa, from the mysterious Everglades of the southern United States to Canada’s frigid Arctic; gaining him recognition world-wide.
Keen to give back for the sport he loves so much, when he’s not passing on the tradition of hunting and the great outdoors to the next generation Brice enjoys volunteering his time for various Fish & Game Fundraisers as well as conducting Public Speaking engagements at schools, banquets and Outdoor Tradeshows.
Always quick with a smile or a humorous remark “Mr.Classic” enjoys networking with outdoor oriented men and women and emphasises the importance of passing the tradition of hunting and appreciation of the outdoors on to our children.

Kyle Sturko

Kyle is one of the most passionate hunters you could hope to meet. His enthusiasm has brought many others closer to the outdoors. By nature, Kyle is a leader and often the source of non-stop comedic entertainment. When he puts his mind to it (as is usually the case when it comes to harvesting big game) Kyle is all business. Whether with a rifle or archery tackle Kyle has an ability to finish the job. Married to an amazingly understanding woman, and father of a new born son, Kyle can be found spending most of his free time planning, scouting and preparing for hunting season.

Travis Sturko

The Sturko family has a long history of hunting. This has been the foundation for close family relationships between fathers, uncles, cousins and sons. Nobody appreciates this more than Travis. The thrill of the hunt and bonding with family and friends supersede harvesting an animal for Travis. Always ready to get outdoors and find sheds, new hunting areas, or scout for the next great trophy Travis is always ready to get out and make his next great memory.

Jennifer jolivette

New to the world of hunting Jennifer brings a new perspective to The FEVER.  Seeing the sport through the eyes of a lady (Allthough we may need to have those eyes checked by a professional... she is dating Brice Folden after all).