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SEASON 3: Episodes

Season 3: Episode 1

Episode 1 – “2016 Spring Black Bear” – Kyle Sturko resurrects a bear site that has been un-hunted for a couple of years in hopes of seeing some Alberta black bear action.

Season 3: Episode 2

Episode 2 – “2016 Elk” – Mark and Matt head back to Northern Alberta early to try and get on some Alberta bull elk with archery tackle. Chance Friend sees some elk action is his home zone where he has a bull draw tag.


Season 3: Episode 3

Episode 3 – “Kyles 2016 Moose” – Kyle starts his season off with APA in hand chasing an Alberta prairie velvet bull moose.

Season 3: Episode 4

Episode 4 – “Ryans 2016 Moose” – Ryan has found a beautiful bull moose with exceptional character. He has dedicated his whole season to this single bull.

Season 3: Episode 5

Episode 5 – “2016 Antelope with the Dacyks” – Lifelong friends of The FEVER Ryan and Reg Dacyk will try and fill 2 elusive antelope tags in Southern Alberta.waiting 5 years for.

Season 3: Episode 6

Episode 6 – “Ryans 2016 Muley” – Ryan introduces us to a wide framed Muley buck we’ve named “Lenny” as he tries to fill a general archery tag.


Season 3: Episode 7

Episode 7 – “Marks 2016 Muley” – Mark has drawn a muley tag in the zone that is home to “Lenny”. His pursuit of this wide framed muley continues from where we left off last week.



Season 3: Episode 8

Episode 8 – “Travis 2016 Muley” – Travis spreads his wings and challenges himself to try and harvest a personal best mule deer in a zone he has been watching for only a couple of seasons.